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Thelana at Rest by AGEOFAENYA Thelana at Rest by AGEOFAENYA
With this image, I wanted to show Thelana in a different light. Most of my art depicts her in some violent confrontation, fighting a monster or whatnot, but this fails to capture her true character, her soul. Thelana isn't a Red Sonja knockoff, she's no barbarian, and she has no love for bloodshed. She yearns only to return to the life of freedom and simplicity and love that she knew in her homeland, and I think this image helps captures that. Here, she sits on a rocky plateau in the Ukko Mountains, overlooking the Potamis that cuts through the valley of Ilmarinen; her sole possession, a bow she made as a child, balanced precariously beside her.

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Tygepc Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015
It's rare to see a hero in this story style take some time for themselves. I say it gives her a definite dimension other characters lack. Enjoying the story so far. Keep it going!
AGEOFAENYA Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015  Professional Writer
Thank you! The story isn't near as 1-dimensional as some of these deviations make it seem. And if you're really interested, check out!  
Tygepc Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015
. . . but I thought it was at least 2D! Lol (/sarcasm) Sorry. . .

Thank you! I've got Aenya on my feed reader! I'm just really behind on everything. Hope to catch up soon.
AGEOFAENYA Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Professional Writer
Heh. It's a literary term. You have 1-dimensional characters and 3-dimensional characters. I don't know why I never bothered to notice the lack of 2-dimensional characters. I guess it's like 2nd person perspective; it exists, but it's weird and nobody talks about it. 
Tygepc Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015
Yes, we don't mention the second person story form. That's best left for video-games and their ilk. *sniffs*

LoL. Oh college lit classes, what would you be without those types of professors. . . better. Definitely better.
Sorry, I was trying to make a joke by mixing different media terms.  It's hard to get the timing and inflection right for comments. Doesn't always work. 
AGEOFAENYA Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015  Professional Writer
Well, 2nd person is ideal for Tabletop Role Playing Games. "You go down the stairs and open the door, and hear a growling down in the darkness, what do you do?" 
Tygepc Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015
*Pulls out a lighter* Rolls for initiative. Work, please work, just this once!

That's what I mean, people's thinking is so limited in what others can do. It's sad to see it in people who are suppose to be aware that people have different talents which need to be fostered for success.
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