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Radia's Awakening by Selene Regener by AGEOFAENYA Radia's Awakening by Selene Regener by AGEOFAENYA
I am extremely proud to present the face of my latest heroine, Radia Noora of Tyrnael, the Princess of Aenya. Visualizing this character, I knew, was going to be a challenge. Radia is more than beautiful. She inspires. When people look at her, they see the person they love most. How could I possibly describe what I wanted to an artist? 

When I came across Selene Regener's gallery, I knew she was right for the project. Only problem? Selene was giving up art for a career in music, and no longer taking commissions! Another disappointment, I thought, until I found a piece entitled "Awakening." The more I looked at it, the more I knew I'd found her. Here was the face of Radia. But I had my doubts. Maybe the picture belonged to someone else, was for someone else's character? For months, I sent e-mails. When Selene finally got my letter, she agreed right away to my proposal. I was overjoyed to be the one to give life to her character, to give a story and a name to "Awakening."

Pretty young blondes are everywhere on deviantArt, so why did this piece strike me as it did? For starters, there is the name, "Radia," which means "radiant." In the book, she is said to glow with a divine light. And as you can plainly see, the girl in "Awakening" evokes this quality. As for the star on her forehead, Radia has a dream of dancing through space, and every star in the galaxy is said to be her twin. Finally, without giving too much away, the title of the piece perfectly coincides with the climax of the story, in a chapter that could very well be called "Awakening." 

Of course, I'd be remiss not to mention her mismatched eyes, Radia's defining quality. I won't pretend the artist had this in mind. That kind of coincidence can make you question reality. But alas, no. The girl in "Awakening" has two turquoise eyes; Radia has one. Still, that's pretty damn coincidental! How many people have turquoise eyes? Knowing how touchy some artists can be, I worried Selene would disapprove of the change, however small, and I could not use the drawing otherwise! Fortunately, she was happy to turn the other eye to violet.

Oh, and did I mention Radia loves to sing? And that her voice can best be described as ... well, just listen to Selene singing sometime! Next, I'll be asking her for a song!


So, if you haven't already, please visit this remarkable artist's gallery at Selenada.

Also, be sure to check out the original "Awakening," and while you're there, please donate something to her GoFundMe, campaign, "Healing Through Sound." People with so much talent deserve our support!  

Lastly, if you're out there reading this, Selene, thank you! A million times, thank you! Heart :happybounce: +fav 


Learn more about Radia at: The Princess of Aenya 



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October 15, 2015
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