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Horde by Filip Bazarewski by AGEOFAENYA Horde by Filip Bazarewski by AGEOFAENYA

Roughly ten thousand years before the reign of Radia Noora of Tyrnael, or 5 BGM (Before the Greater Moon), the sun of Aenya, Solos, began its expanse into a red giant, having swallowed the Xexaz world of Reptos within its corona ages before. Recognizing the danger to their planet, the Zo scrambled for a plan of salvation, but were mired by political divisions. Anti-science factions did not accept the looming threat, believing it a conspiracy to gain political sentiment, whereas the scholarly community were split as to what actions could be taken, if any. Many surmised that the end of the world was inevitable, and any attempt to change course was a waste of the precious little time they had to spend with their loved ones. Evacuation was the only option. But a vocal minority considered the ethical aspect of letting a world and all of its life forms perish.

Led by the charismatic thinker, Kjus, they stressed that the planet could be saved by moving it. Years were spent organizing engineers and workers, all of whom were driven by the threat of certain doom. They labored to save not only themselves, but the lives of their children and children's children, and every descendent they were ever to have, their species and their home. Vast networks of underground tunnels were built, and a great machine, the mass piston. The machine allowed the Zo to manipulate the surrounding higgs boson field, oscillating the mass at the core to alter the planet's orbital trajectory. The plan was as crazy as it was ambitious, and few believed it could work.

All the while, the exit majority, led by chief science advisor, Kzell, focused efforts on the building of wormhole generators, fancifully dubbed fantastigates. The proposed plan was not without its share of problems, however, for the formation of wormholes was, at the time, theoretical. Of the major obstacles was energy. Like the mass piston, the wormhole generator used mass to create gravity, but creating enough to punch a hole in the fabric of space-time greatly exceeded what was required to move the planet. Another more pressing problem: even if a gate to another world could be opened, there was no way of knowing where or when the gate might lead. Mathematician and historian, Eldin, disappeared through one of these gates, and was later discovered to have become lost in time. Eventually, after a number of trials and errors, including one in which an entire island continent was sucked into a micro-black hole, the fantastigate project was abandoned for a simpler, more desperate plan. Days before Solos' final expansion, the ruling council voted to transfer their consciousnesses---their thought algorithms and memories---into an invincible golem body. Originally, they had intended to make one body for each mind, but too much effort had been wasted on wormholes. Kjus, who continued his work to move the planet, was offered to join them, but refused, choosing death over, what he regarded, the loss of his humanity.

The golem body had a number of advantages to a starship. It would be far smaller, at 12' in height, and therefore quicker and easier to manufacture. Powered by a heart of nuclear decay, there would be no need for sustenance, no food nor water storage. The fusion of organic and metallic materials, surrounded by a magnetic field, would be impervious to cold, heat, and radiation, and would never age. Once off-planet, the immortal entity would traverse the stars at nearly the speed of light, creating ionic thrust from its hands and feet. After unmeasured centuries, they would settle upon a hospitable world, where their collective minds could be dissociated into separate biological entities. This was their only hope, and a desperate one at that. The greatest flaw in the design, however, was intentional, as the golem brain was made to maintain a sense of awareness. In other words, the council members wanted to feel "alive."

As Solos exploded into its final phase, the golem launched into space, but Aenya was not destroyed. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Kjus and his devoted followers, the planet was moved into a safer orbit, becoming a moon of the gas giant, Infinity. Recognizing its error, the collective attempted a return home, but a violent solar flair from the newly formed star stripped the golem of its magnetic field, and damaged its propulsion system. Falling into an irregular orbit, the body gathered icy particles near the system's outer rim, forming a comet like cocoon around it. After untold eons adrift, alone save for the voices in its head, the Zo went insane, calling itself Horde.

Ten thousand years pass before Horde returns home. Encased in ice, it crashes onto the surface like a fiery meteor, cratering the ground and obliterating the land about Kiathos. But it is a very different world from the one it abandoned, a primitive world with two moons and one sea, where science has become magic and the Zo are long forgotten.

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A note about the artist: Filip Bazarewski was great to work with. He really helped me to visualize this character, offering many of his own ideas, but he also wasn't afraid to make changes when I asked for them! If you're looking for someone to do commissions, I highly recommend Filip! Check out his awesome gallery at Bejzar.  

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