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Thelana 2016 by Alexey Lipatov

Thelana is born in the river valley of Ilmarinen, the middle child in a family of twelve. Her eldest brother, Borz, is sold into slavery when she is very young. As the dark hemisphere creeps eastward, famine forces Thelana into the wild. Her life is spent on the edge of survival, hunting for prey and hiding from predators. Wounded by a cannibalistic half-man, she is rescued by Captain Dantes and taken to a nearby military encampment, where she proves her archery skills and is recruited into the Kratan army. Years pass until, on the Plains of Narth, Dantes’ forces are decimated by bogren, and Thelana, torn with longing for the life she knew, abandons the battlefield. In Ilmarinen, she finds the crops and ilm flowers have withered, with no trace of her family. Overcome by grief, she manages her way to the coastal cities, where she meets Kinj, who introduces her to the life of the thief. Later, when he tries to violate her, Thelana steals his mechanical bow-sword and leaves him to die in an alley. Fleeing to Hedonia, Thelana hides in the slums among the city’s outcasts, before making a suicidal attempt to climb into the pyramid Temple of Sargonus. As she pries the giant pearl eye from the idol of the Hedonian Sea God, she is found by the zealous High Priest, and the first Ilmar she has seen since leaving home. With the aid of the Ilmarin stranger, Thelana is apprehended and thrown into a pit beneath the city. There she waits, wondering about the man she has just met. Is he a traitor to their people? Or will he come for her?

Most civilized races see Thelana as either a savage or an animal, owing to her people’s disregard of clothing and tolerance for the wild. To learn more about Thelana’s people, see ILMAR.

Appearances: Ages of AenyaThe City of the DrownedThe Nude EquestrianThe Skyclad Warriors

Articles: Thelana: Feminist Icon?The Naked Wood Nymph in the Forest of My MindNudity on Mars: Dejah Thoris, meet Thelana

Also be sure to check out this artist's other fine work at Alexey Lipatov 


Dungeons & Dragons 5th ed. character sheet



Strength: 12 +1
Intelligence: 11 +0
Wisdom: 11 +0
Dexterity: 18 +4
Constitution: 17 +3
Charisma: 12 +1

Race: Ilmar
Class: Ranger
Level: 1 (+2)
Armor Class: 17 (nude)
Hit Points: 13
Duel Wield: +6 / 1d8 +4 (short sword) + 1d4 (dagger)
Spear: +3 / 1d10 +1
Longbow: +6 / 1d8 +4 (range 150/600)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Saving Throws: Strength +3, Dexterity +6
Skills: Athletics +3, Nature +2, Stealth +6
Special: Natural Explorer, Favored Enemy: bogren (goblins), horg (orcs)

Equipment: Short sword, longbow, spear, dagger, quiver, arrows, jade cloak


Dungeons & Dragons 5th ed. Race: ILMAR

Ability Score Increase. Dexterity and Constitution increases by 2.

Primitive Survival. The Ilmar can survive one cycle (ten days) without water and 3 cycles without food, can walk across the most rugged terrain without footwear, and can survive comfortably (without clothing) in temperatures just above freezing.

Unarmored Defense. Ilmar hate wearing clothing of any kind. In armor (even light) characters of this type have Disadvantage on all attack rolls and saving throws, and enemies have Advantage against them. While naked, they can commune with the Goddess, Alashiya, gaining a heightened sense of awareness. Unarmored, your Armor Class is equal to 10 +Dexterity modifier +Constitution modifier. This ability does not stack with other unarmored bonuses. Ilmar can use shields and still gain this benefit, as well as small magic items, such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Alignment. Ilmar tend toward chaotic and neutral alignments.

Size. Ilmar are human sized, weighing between 100 to 180 lbs. and standing between 5′ and 6′ tall, tending toward more muscular and slender physiques.

Speed. Base walking speed is 30 feet.

Languages. The Ilmar speak common and their own unique dialect, but literacy is uncommon.

Preferred Classes. Ilmarin characters are limited to the following classes: barbarians, fighters, monks, rangers and rogues. This is due, primarily, to the setting, in that magic is virtually unknown on Aenya. Monks and rangers draw their power from “spiritual” and “quantum” sources. In other settings, Ilmarin PC’s may choose a spell caster class, but lose connection to their deity, and consequently, any racial (non-human) abilities.

Starting Equipment. None

The World of Aenya Map by C. Emmons* by AGEOFAENYA
The World of Aenya Map by C. Emmons*

*Photoshopping and text added by me (Nick Alimonos).

Aenya is different than most fantasy worlds, in that it is neither an island continent nor peninsula. Instead, Aenya is depicted as a planet, but the places in which the heroes live out their adventures is limited to the hospitable lands between the scorching West, with its desert "Ocean" or "Dead Zones," and the frigid East, bathed in the perpetual light of the Greater Moon, Infinity.

Places of note:

Tyrnael: Featuring most prominently in The Princess of Aenya, Tyrnael is located at the north pole. Despite its geographic position, an unnatural energy source emanating from the city maintains an ideal climate. Its borders, however, are marked by ice and snow, and an impassable mountain range, The Crown of Aenya. Due to it seclusion, Tyrnael remans isolated from other civilization, and is thought to have been lost to history, or to have been a mere myth, as it is more commonly referred to as Mythradanaiil. Before the Great Cataclysm, circa ten millennia ago, Tyrnael was home to the Zo and the global capital of Aenya. Though its advanced technology has been lost, the genetically modified descendents of the Zo can live for hundreds of years, without sickness or the ailments of aging. Tyrnael is distinguished by its white and gold Compass Tower, centered at the pole; a matrix of interconnected bridges; and its terraced, forested megastructures.

Northendell: Flowing from the stronghold city of Northendell is the Potamis River, "The Lifeblood of Aenya." It originates from the icy Crown of Aenya (also called the Pewter Mountains) feeding all the lands of Aenya. Being so near to the dark hemisphere, Northendell has been in a perpetual state of war for centuries, as subhuman races from the sunless hemisphere mount annual sieges against it. The city itself is marked by walled fortifications seamlessly adjoining to the surrounding mountains. Upon its highest hill sits Hoarfrost, the enormous mead hall of King Frizzbeard, which is said to have been constructed for heroes to gather and to sing songs, the same heroes who are thought to have laid the first stones of the city. The Delian people chronicle their history and their myths in song, the most renown of which is The Song of Strom.

Yefira: This small trading town is known for its rolling hills, windmill houses, and airships. It is situated at the edge of the midland tectonic plate, beside "The Great Chasm," which circles the planet. The ruined base of an enormous bridge, dating back to the time of the Zo, begins to span the divide between the two hemispheres. 

Ilmarinen: With a perfect year-round climate, rich soil, and a flower (the ilm) with remarkable medicinal properties, the Ilmar know nothing of war, greed, or shame. The impassable Ukko Mountains to the north, and the dense Wildwood jungle to the south, has kept Ilmarinen hidden from invaders for ten thousand years, that is until recently, when a shift in climate and an invading bogren host forces its people to abandon their ancestral home. Ilmarinen is home to Xandr and Thelana, the heroes of Ages of Aenya.

Hedonia: In a world with only one Sea, coastal land is precious, and the one controlling it rules the world. Ages past, Hedonia used its navies to subdue the neighboring city-states of Thalassar and Thetis, becoming a global empire. Its influence ended after a meteor impact resulted in a tsunami, leaving the city's defensive walls in ruins. Before that day, Hedonia was known as the "Jewel of the Sea." It was distinguished by its temples and rotundas and stadiums of marble, and by the great pyramid at its center, housing the churches of the gods of Aenya, and a towering idol of the city's patron deity, Sargonus.  

Aea: This tiny island was once home to a powerful, matriarchal civilization. Though largely forgotten, its people continue to thrive. In temples from another age, an all-female priesthood venerates the three goddesses, Zoe (Life), Maki (War) and Irene (Love and Sex). It is believed that the people of Hedonia originally migrated from here. Aea was featured in the short story, The Gorgon's Lover or The Ballad of Titian and Midiana. 

Nimbos: This cloudy peak is home to the avian race, or "bird people." Once human, avians achieved flight after centuries of "controlled" evolution. Their home city rises thousands of feet from the peak of Mount Spire, and consists of a peculiar light mix of elements called "whisperstone," allowing for structures that defy any known building conventions.   

Graton: This small fishing village and trading town is known for its lighthouse and astronomical observatory. It is commonly used as a way port for goods to be transferred between the western city-states of Hedonia, Thalassar and Thetis, and the eastern oasis kingdom of Shemselinihar. This town will be prominently featured in the third Aenya novel, "The Children of Aenya."

Shemselinihar: Located in the midst of the Great White Flat, this domed city, also called "The White City," is home to the assai, who also referred to as Shemites. The assai are notoriously reclusive and territorial, placing considerable emphasis on tradition, and their monotheistic faith to the one "true" god, "Un."

Ocean: Ten millennia ago, this region of the world was covered by water. Vast coral empires, ruled by merquid, spanned half the planet. Now, there is only sand, and the bleached remains of marine life.            


To learn more about Aenya, please visit: Writer's Disease or

The World of Aenya by Chris Emmons by AGEOFAENYA
The World of Aenya by Chris Emmons

Back in June, I asked astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson whether life could exist in the Aenya-Infinity system, where Aenya (the moon) is tidally locked to Infinity (a gas giant planet). Here’s my original letter:

Dear Neil deGrasse Tyson

I am a huge fan of your work. You not only have a brilliant mind for physics, but you’ve managed to bridge the light-year sized gap between human knowledge and those ignorant to it. My question relates to the novel I have been working on for the past decade, “Ages of Aenya.” The story takes place on the planet (or rather, the moon) of Aenya, which orbits a Jupiter like gas giant. Aenya is tidally locked, so one hemisphere perpetually faces the gas giant, while the other, at intervals, faces the sun. When Aenya moves into the dark side of the planet it is orbiting, the sunny side is also dark. In this way, one hemisphere remains dark while the other undergoes a kind of day/night cycle. So my question is this: On this type of planet, is it possible for humans, or beings with human-like anatomies, to survive? What happens to weather patterns if a planet doesn’t rotate? Is there any wind? What effect does a Jupiter sized planet have on the tides of that world? Am I wrong in any of my assumptions? Making a stab at feasibility, I have tried to wrap my head around these issues, but as I am not a scientist, the whole thing is beyond me. Any input on your behalf would be greatly appreciated.

Nick Alimonos

Neil was too busy to answer me directly, but astronomer Alejandro Núñez was kind enough to offer this lengthy and in-depth response:

Your novel sounds like a very interesting story.

First, there is a mistake in how you are picturing the day/night cycles of Aenya. If you think of Aenya and its gas giant as the moon-earth system, you will realize that the side of Aenya that perpetually faces the gas giant also gets daylight. If it did not, then we would never be able to see the moon shine from Earth.

Second, whether human-like anatomies could be possible in such a place would depend more on the atmospheric conditions of Aenya than on day/night patterns.

An exception could be the visual organs: assuming that the gas giant is at a similar distant to its host star as Jupiter is to the sun, then the type of light that would mostly shine on Aenya would be the one reflected by the gas giant itself, and not the sun. In such situation, human-like creatures would have eyes more sensitive to the peak light frequency of the gas giant reflection, the same way that our eyes here on Earth are the most sensitive to the peak frequency of light coming from the Sun. Check this blog post to get a better idea of what I am getting at:…

Third, Aenya IS rotating, only at a pace that matches its orbital time around the gas giant.Again, think of the moon-earth system. If the moon did not rotate, then we would see a different moon surface as it orbited around us.

Keep in mind that the main driver for wind is temperature differences: cool air sinks, hot air rises. Even if Aenya were not rotating, different areas on its surface would be exposed to more heat (either from the star or the gas giant) than others as it orbits, thus creating temperature gradients.

Finally, the gas giant will most definitely create tides on Aenya, assuming large bodies of liquid on its surface. The tides would occur because of the change in distance to the gas giant, from its closest to its farthest point along its orbit. This blog post explains these tides as they occur in Titan, Saturn’s biggest moon:


As a matter of fact, if Aenya is close enough to the gas giant, even its rocky body could get deformed by tidal forces. This, indeed, is what happens to some moons of Jupiter and Saturn, including Titan. This article on Sky & Telescope describes a recent discovery on Titan that you may find interesting:…

Good luck with your novel.

Alejandro Núñez, Astronomer
Hayden Planetarium
American Museum of Natural History

Cool, huh?

As suspected, real life is much more complicated than fiction. I was afraid the response would be, “There’s no way humans could exist on such a world!” but fortunately that wasn’t the case. In fact, it seems the biggest problem is minor,light, and who’s to say Aenyan-human eyeballs aren’t more sensitive than Earth-human ones? I was also happy to learn that things like wind and tides can exist on Aenya, since those things are mentioned somewhat frequently in my book. As a fantasy writer, it’s difficult to create a sense of atmosphere without using any of the things we, as Earthlings, are familiar with. And how could I write a dramatic piece about Thelana without having the wind frolic in her hair? I suppose if we all lived on Mars, I would make references to things unique to Martian life/geology. Of course, I was dead-wrong on several occasions. I didn’t realize that all astral bodies rotate, even our moon, at least a little bit. Perhaps Aenya’s rotation is so slow as to seem negligible to its people, so that day and night has more to do with the eclipse of the moon, which happens more frequently. The biggest DUH! moment for me, however, was the fact that the moon is bright! So maybe the dark hemisphere of Aenya is not quite as dark as previously thought . . .

Anyway, I have a lot of reading to do with all these links. A good dosage of science should help add credibility to my fictional universe, and I have Alejandro Núñez and the Hayden Planetarium to thank. So if you’re out there reading this, Alejandro, here’s a big THANKS!


This image was provided by Chris Emmons (Bareck) so be sure to head on over to his gallery to check out his other work! BARECK

For anyone who may still be watching or listening, I feel some closure is in order regarding these past few days. Truth be told, I really hate conflict. That's not what I am about. It isn't helpful to me or to anyone. We are all here, I believe, for the same reasons. We are all ambitious and passionate individuals, with an abiding love for art. Whether as a patron or producer, we all want to succeed in this world, and it's an uphill battle. But hurting others benefits nobody, and it has never been my intention to do so. More than anything, I would like it if we could all achieve our dreams. This is why I have resisted the urge to become vindictive, and mention names, unless I have something positive to say, and I have been very fortunate to have worked with a great many people over the years, and continue to feel grateful for their support. But even to those with whom I could not come to an agreement, I really have no ill will. Some of you are very young, and very new to these communities, and I was once where you are now, in your shoes, and I remember making a lot of mistakes then that I certainly would not want haunting me my entire career! We learn as we grow, no matter the age (I'm 41!). The only time we stop is when we assume there is nothing left to learn. Lastly, I'd like to point out that I have removed any negative threads from this page and from my blog, because those words just sat there like an ugly stain on the tapestry I have worked so hard to create, where all I have ever wanted to do is to share my love for fantasy, and for beautiful images and storytelling, and yes, for Aenya.  
Thelana at Northendell (15) by Alexey Lipatov

After surviving their encounter with Horde in Gloomwood, Emma leads the Ilmar into her home city, Northendell. There, Emma confronts her father, Mathias, who has abused and neglected her for over a decade. With the aid of Grimosse, their golem companion, she pressures Mathias into aiding them in their quest. With his knowledge of ancient lore, Emma and Mathias work to decipher Eldin's book, to find clues as to Horde's intentions and to the prophecy of a second cataclysm.

But in the dark of eclipse, King Frizzbeard's men-at-arms come to the door, seeking answers. Witchcraft is forbidden in the city, as is harboring knowledge of the Zo. It is then that Thelana rushes out into the frigid night, to defend Emma's home, and the secrets contained within the ancient tome.

Go to Story Marker 16: Heroes of Aenya (16)

To learn more about Aenya please visit: Explore Aenya


I would like to give a special shout out to my friend and colleague Alexey Lipatov for his amazing illustration! Alexey is always a joy to work with, giving much more than you could ask for. Originally, I intended this piece for a portrait, 'Thelana 2016.' I asked Alexey to provide me with a pic of Thelana in the snow, with a door behind her, and maybe a guard getting killed. What he gave me was . . . well, this! The houses in the background, the details around the doorframe, the icicles on the gargoyles (the gargoyles!) they all bring the city to life! This just goes to show what wonderful things can happen when a writer and an artist put their minds and talents together.

Now, please be sure to visit Mr. Lipatov's page here.   

Is a naked heroine sexist? 


I can already hear the detractors, the angry feminists calling me out as a sexist. Their argument, I imagine, will go something like this,

Thelana is the lead heroine in Nick Alimonos' fantasy epic, "Ages of Aenya," and she has everything we love to see in a female character: strength, intelligence, and she can dish out punishment good as her male companion. She even passes the Bechdel test! So why am I up in arms about Thelana? Well, when it comes to hyper-sexualizing women, this author's hit rock bottom. We're not talking chainmail bikinis or skintight tights here either, because with this super hero, there is no costume. You read that right. She is utterly, unapologetically, naked. If "Aenya" was some kind of erotica, I might give it a pass. But no, this is serious fantasy, straight out of Westeros and Middle Earth. So, as a woman reader, I am left scratching my head, wanting to scream, 'Put some clothes on for god's sake!' The author even has the audacity to call himself a feminist. He defends himself by pointing out, "Hey, look, the guy is naked too!" But this critic isn't fooled. Thelana exists to tickle the author's fancy and titillate male (immature) readers.

While I have yet to find an angry mob outside my office door, I suspect that, as Thelana grows in popularity, it's only a matter of time. The thing is, feminists have a lot to be angry about. We still live in a largely male dominated society. We have yet to see a female president (go Hillary!), and if we're lucky, we'll have our first woman on paper currency, the $10 bill. Despite such signposts of inequality, women have made huge strides in this country, and most Americans now agree women deserve to vote, to decide what they can do with their bodies, and to get paid the same for the same work. Modern sexism is much more subtle, and in raising two daughters, I see it all the time. The hero in any video game/book/TV show/movie is almost always male. When a woman does take center stage, they are more often treated as eye candy. The message this sends is clear: 1) Women are of lesser importance and 2) A woman's most important quality is beauty. 

To contrast this message, I tell my kids what I would if I had boys, "#1 thing in life is knowledge and compassion." Being a father to two awesome girls, fairness and equality matter a lot to me. I want them to grow up feeling invincible, like they could go to Mars if they wanted. I direct them to strong heroines like Lisa Simpson and Hermione Granger. When it comes to my own writing, I am conscious of inequality, and would hate to contribute to the problem. Unfortunately, Thelana draws out the sexists like flies. Most guys never bother to look beyond the flesh, to read the accompanying story that defines the character. On DeviantArt, Thelana gets lost amid the countless soft core images, those devoid of any life or personality. Much of this could be remedied by simply giving her something to wear, leather armor perhaps, but this is where I part ways with most feminists, because we should never define a woman by the clothes she is wearing or not wearing; and more to the point, we should not make women responsible for the way men treat them.

A girl in a mini-skirt is not "asking for it," and she certainly isn't looking to be raped. This centuries' old taboo, regarding females and clothing, goes hand in hand with sexism, and absolves men of any wrong-doing. False modesty and shame is imposed upon women by the world's worst sex offenders, from Saudi Arabia to Afghanistan. Nudity, in and of itself, is neither pro nor anti women. A nude portrait can be liberating and empowering, or it can be humiliating and degrading. Like sexual consent, choice is everything. A woman stripped of her clothes is a victim. A stripper who loves what she does is not. Either way, it is the men typically calling the shots, the men who produce porn, watch porn, and, paradoxically, create the society in which women who engage in it are ostracized. If you're a woman, it's a no-win situation. Women learn from an early age to kowtow to men's desires, but that it is taboo to express their own. 

This double standard extends to how male and female heroes are regarded by some feminists ( Superman and Batman, in their skin-tight outfits, represent the male ideal, but Wonder Woman in her bikini bottom is somehow "objectified." Even Namor and Conan, who wear even less, do not represent equal treatment. Why? Because male superheroes are a projection of male fantasies, what men wish they could look like, or so the argument goes. But there are a number of problems with this theory. Firstly, it supposes that a majority of Superman fans are envying his looks, but as a reader of the comic since childhood, such a thing never crossed my mind. Sure, he's nice to look at, but what appeals to me most, and what I think appeals to most every male, are his powers. And really, who doesn't wish they could fly? Secondly, this argument supposes women do not have similar projection fantasies, that female readers never imagine themselves with a goddess-like physique, like Wonder Woman or Power Girl. Of course, given how my daughters love to dress up, and adding to that the glut of supermodels in magazines like Cosmopolitan, I think it is more common for girls to look at other girls for this very reason. Lastly, this theory implies women do not enjoy sex, or looking at male bodies, or that they have no interest in expressing their own sexuality. Not surprisingly, it is typically the male feminists making these assertions.

More clothes = More empowering?

In 1972, writer Samual Delany changed Wonder Woman into a more "modest" outfit, which he believed was the feminist thing to do. That was, until women's rights pioneer Gloria Steinem got involved, stating how much she hated that the traditional costume was taken away. Wonder Woman has long stood for female empowerment. We should not suggest that she cannot, or should not, expose her thighs, or that by doing so she is somehow diminished. We would never call Tarzan a whore for wearing only a loincloth, or say that James Bond is objectifying himself for exuding male sexuality. Male heroes are curiously exempt from any such moral judgments. While it is true that men enjoy looking at women, it is also true that women sometimes enjoy it when men look at them. Why else do women purchase sexy outfits? Mini-skirts? Thong bikinis? (OK, sometimes, it just feels good to be loose). But if no woman ever wished to be looked at, they would voluntarily don burqas, but it is always the men forcing them to do so. Female sexuality has long intimidated men and there is a storied history of patriarchal societies trying to repress it. In Egypt and throughout Subsaharan Africa, vaginal mutilation is a common practice, to diminish desire and enjoyment of sex. But to deny a woman's sexuality, whether physically or socially, is to deny her personhood.

What matters in feminism is choice and who is doing the choosing. I am not suggesting women should be nude, or sexy, only that the women who make that choice, and believe me there are those that do (they're called nudists!), need not be objectified or labeled. Thelana may be naked, but it is only because she chooses to be so, refusing to be repressed, or be defined by others. When, in Ages of Aenya, some men mistake her lack of apparel for vulnerability, it does not end well for them. By breaking with traditions of false modesty, in choosing to forgo the trappings that clothing represents, Thelana empowers herself, and it is a power that can never be stripped away, humiliated, or degraded.

  • Reading: J.D. Salinger, Neil Gaiman, Edgar Rice Burroughs


AGEOFAENYA's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I have been writing and drawing since I was 6. For me, the two art forms go hand in hand. When I was nine, I dragged my father to DC Comics HQ in NYC to solicit my superhero, The Red Panther. By age fourteen, I was sending out queries for my first novel. In high school, I discovered I was not quite so talented drawing or painting, but I continued to hone my true passion, which was in literature, until earning my BA in English Fiction from the University of South Florida. Still, I continue to find inspiration in the visual arts. Sometimes, entire plot lines are born from a single image.

I am always on the lookout for *dedicated* artists to help me bring my world, Aenya, to life. Currently, I need people who specialize in portraits and in fantasy landscapes, and depending on the project, I am prepared to pay between $100 and $1500. Please e-mail me directly at, if interested. Serious inquiries only.

Thank You!
Nick A.

Current Residence: Florida
Favourite genre of music: rock, classical
Favourite style of art: renaissance, impressionism, modern
Skin of choice: sun bronze
Favourite cartoon character: SpongeBob
Personal Quote: Malon Labe


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